Last week, Lauren Bejaoui was showing us around her Instagram, and this week, I’ve got the gorgeous Jo Archbold here to do the same thing.

When I asked the questions in this interview, I wasn’t expecting such insightful, honest and inspiring answers, tbh. Very pleasant surprise from a very lovely lady.

Hope you enjoy.

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Haaaaaay Jo. So c’mere. Why do you love Instagram so much?

jo headshotThere are many reasons why I love Instagram; the main reason being the visual aspect. I love the old saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and I think Instagram is a great platform for proving this. When I was first introduced to Instagram I seen the tagline of: “Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures” and I always kept this in mind when posting a photo. I love Instagram because I can do just that, I can share my life experiences through pictures that I post. I think it brings a lot of people together all across the world because no matter how far away your auntie, cousin, sister or partner is you can keep them up to date with all the fun going on in your world. Personally, I think that’s beautiful. I also love instagram as it has helped me a lot recently in my career. Personal photos show exactly how I act and what I do day to day. This is great for clients who like to book girls for shows or shoots when they know how they look when they are not in ‘work mode’. I have been booked for work solely because of my Instagram and how I look from it. I have also become friends with a lot of cool people around the world who have similar interests as me just from liking photos on the accounts. It’s my favourite social media platform, I’m an #Instaholic!

What inspires your posts?

Generally my life itself inspires me to post on Instagram. I’m lucky enough to have a job that I really love and people in my life that I really care about so there are many things to inspire me. Photos are extremely important to me and I try to capture as many beautiful moments as I can to remind me how wonderful life can be. Fashion and beauty inspire me to post makeup looks and outfit posts to show that you don’t have to have designer clothes or expensive makeup to feel comfortable in your own skin. I use Instagram to express myself when I’m happy or proud of myself when I do something good. I like to post about things that matter as well as fashion and the materialistic side of my life. I think it’s important to use these social media platforms when dealing with big issues and serious matters too. It’s another place that you own to voice your opinion on something you feel good about. I am all for standing up for what I believe in and what inspires me so I use whatever I can to share my views.

What posts of yours get the biggest reactions?

The posts that I have recently noticed getting bigger reactions are probably personal makeup/fashion posts. I recently went to London Fashion Week for AW16 and while I was there I got quite a bit of notice because of my outfit choices. This then reflected on my Instagram after being tagged in other streetstyle posts. I learn quite a lot about makeup with my job, after having your makeup done 4⁄5 days out of the week you really notice what suits your face shape and eye colour. I think when I post makeup pictures that I have done myself, they get quite a good reaction because i’m not a professional and it’s not perfect so it is achievable for anyone that has an interest in make-up. I tag a lot of brands in my photos so I think that really helps when you are building a follower count. This then also reflects in more likes and followers causing your posts to get a better response.

Jo’s four faves from Instagram…

jo archbold1. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: This was my favourite night out EVER! The most amazing people I am lucky to have as my friends decided that we should all dress up as Superheroes for halloween! We all had to pick our favourite hero and stick together for the entire night. We had specific poses we had to do and catch phrases. I had the most amazing night with these guys and I couldn’t have asked for a better night. It also seemed to go down well on instagram! (left to right: Dave as Cyclops, Me as Superwoman, Eoghan as IronMan, Muireann as Wonder Woman, Benny as SuperMan and Terry as Green Lantern)

jo paolo2. Scottish Heartthrob: At Electric Picnic last year I got to meet the love of my life, the most beautiful scottish man I have ever seen; Paolo Nutini. Swoooon. After a little interview on Rte Live for EP I was lucky enough corner this beaut for a photo and by the look on my face I had been enjoying the festival a lot by then.. He kept it short and sweet with a “Hello lassie” and I don’t remember much after that.. He kind of took my breath away (Please don’t tell my boyfriend). What a brilliant weekend!

paddle jo3. Power Ranger girls: Another amazing weekend spent in Bundoran, Co. Donegal at the Sea Sessions festival! This photo was taken just before Daniella and myself went paddle boarding. Balancing on one leg was the least of our problems before we got out on the boards! I couldn’t even kneel on them! The sunniest day with the brilliant people I love and fantastic music, how perfect!

jo nails4. Gorgeous by Gorgeous: I am a girl that loves to get pampered now and again and I have a favourite place that I love to go! Gorgeous Dundrum is a beauty salon in Dundrum that I always go to and the place I know i’ll be treated like a princess. They offer fab services that are so affordable and great quality! I got these beautiful nails done there and they last me on average 5 and a half weeks. Kate and Emma are the lovely girls who look after me there and they couldn’t be anymore attentive! You should check them out on FB!

What makes you happy?

Sunshine, food, people and travelling. The simple things in life make me happy. It’s cliché but it’s such a true statement. I am happy when I’m surrounded with good people, when I’m eating good food and especially when I’m travelling. I love seeing new things and experiencing new places so I think I am at my happiest when the sun is shining and there are new adventures awaiting.

Who are your icons?

Style icon: My biggest style icon would have to be Olivia Palermo! Although I would never try to mimic her style, I always take notice of colour combos and print clashes that she always gets soooo right! She has the most amazing style and it’s so effortless. The price tag may be quite a bit ridiculous by my standards but to be honest it’s so easy to find alternatives to some of her pieces. I’ve been following her for about two years now and I always amazed at how your style just gets better and better! I’m a huge fan.

My biggest icon: My biggest icon is without a doubt my mum. My mum is the strangest, weirdest and most unbelievably beautiful person I know. She has put up with me for all these years and although I don’t understand how, she’s been there for every smile and tear. I’ve always had a strong relationship with my mum and we have an unbreakable bond that I could never have wished for. We share clothes like sisters, argue likes children and dance like lunatics. My mum definitely shaped the person I am today with her discipline and morals, she brought me up making sure I appreciated everything I had and supported me in everything I wanted to achieve. My mum taught me to be the best that I could but to never step over anyone to get what I wanted. I lived my childhood to teenage years being polite and gracious at every point and never treated anyone badly. At an early age I gained my independence by getting a job and supporting myself because I was told if I wanted something that I have to get up and go get it. I did. My mum still let’s me know when I need to up my game or when I need to have a break, she understands my body language and stays well clear when I am in a ‘mood’. She really is the most influential person in my life and I respect and love her so very much.

What’s your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to wake up tomorrow, be healthy and get on with my day. Then tomorrow that will be my dream and then next day it will be too, until there are no more days left. Yes, sure, I have goals that I want to reach and places I want to see but they aren’t my dreams. I live more for here and now instead of wishing for something that I would like, but not necessarily need. My goals are to purchase my own house and make it a home, to visit places I want to see, to walk in London fashion week and then Paris. I think a lot of us live for the future and don’t really notice time pass us by because we’re too busy wishing it away. Life is way too short to only stop and breathe when you reach your ‘dreams’ and when you’re old and you’re looking back on everything you have done just make sure it’s going to be not just full of milestone events but times you lived in the moment and skinny dipped in the ocean. I don’t ever want to feel like I am wasting my life away because I have no reason to; I am young and the world is too big for me not to live everyday as if it’s a new adventure.

What words mean the most to you?

Kindness – I think it’s a word people should be taught the minute they start to walk and talk. It’s so important to me as it really is something that can get you a long way in life.

Help – This word has a deeper meaning to me as it is a part of understanding someone’s situation and providing comfort and support to them in their day to day life. A serious word that a lot of people are afraid of is ‘Help’. Asking for help in any situation shouldn’t be as difficult as it is for some people and recently we have been very focused on Mental Health Awareness here in Ireland. We are trying to break the stigma around mental health issues like depression which in Ireland affects about 300,000 people. Break the stigma surrounding depression. (

What’s the best life advice you’ve ever been given, and what life advice would you love to pass on to Irish women/girls?

The best advice that I have ever been given is probably that I am my own happiness and nothing that anyone else can say or do can ever take that away from me. Advice that I would love to pass on to the Irish ladies would be the same as I was told. Never for a second think that someone can take away your happiness. People may try to put you down or have an opinion of you but at the end of the day you have to realise that you weren’t born to be like everyone else. You may have times when you think that you can’t be everything they want you to be but the reality is you only have to be yourself and you’ll quickly realise that that’s all you will ever need to be.

What’s your ultimate beauty tip?

My ultimate beauty tip would without a doubt have to be: Coconut oil. That’s it. All you will ever need for a clear complexion, a healthy glow, white teeth and gorgeous hair. I use coconut oil religiously. I use it as a moisturiser at night, hair mask before I shower and as a teeth whitening method. I bought a jar in Tesco for about €3 and i’ve had it for months! I’ve even used it once or twice in cooking, replacing cooking oil. You will never look back once you start using this oil. I definitely haven’t. When it comes to your personal style, how would you describe it? Quite recently I have found my own sense of style. I’ve began to experiment with prints and colours whereas before I would stick to dark colours and basics. I think I have a rock-chic, bohemian style. My signature is a smokey eye and a red lip, so I’ve been told! I love to wear heels and dainty necklaces with my outfits to add an edge. Midi rings are also a new favourite of mine as I always have my nails done. I sometimes make my own outfits when I can’t find exactly what i’m looking for or if it’s a bit too expensive to buy in a shop. I made a gorgeous gilet from an old studded leather jacket that I had bought on Boohoo. It’s now a piece that I know no one else has, that makes me love it even more. I’m not one for trends and i’m so bad at keeping up with them so I tend to stick to what I know or just wait for the sales to come along and stock up on mix and match pieces to keep me going. I like to wear what suits me regardless of whether it’s last season… If in doubt, don’t throw it out!

What one thing drives you BANANAS?

You could be here reading this for hours about what drives me BANANAS because oh my days, there is a lot. So, I’ll just have to whittle it down and give me top 2!

1. Cancelled plans on short notice: OH MY GOD. Can we just take a moment for all the makeup wasted and time we spent on getting ready for a night out or planned day, just to have the plan cancelled!? Your hair finally looks presentable and you actually perfected the winged eyeliner you have been trying for months and *phone buzzes* “Hello?” “Hey so I can’t make it tonight, something came up..” “Oh yeah cool, I wasn’t ready anyway” *hangs up* ARE YOU ACTUALLY SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? This is the most irritating and stressful thing to happen to a girl who has spent the day thinking about what you were going to wear that evening.

2. People robbing your food when they said they weren’t hungry: We all know that person who tells you that they’re ‘grand’ when it comes to ordering some food and they insist on you just getting yourself something anyway. So you go ahead and wait patiently for your food whilst your friend looks on and sips on their 7up.. Your food arrives and BAAAM!! a hand appears across the table to take a handful of chips from your plate and even comes back to rob a bit of tomato sauce?! Personally I have a constant ‘foober’ (a food robber) and he still hasn’t learnt and sometimes it’s like I have a child, a big hairy baby child.

What music do you listen most often?

I’m quite an old soul so I always have the radio on and just listen to it as it plays out. I’m quite a big indie music fan so I usually lean towards that genre. I’m a big fan of the Kodaline boys, London Grammar, Hozier and I recently got into a great Irish band called We Cut Corners! My boyfriend is a DJ and he introduced me to some incredible Irish bands that he has found throughout the years. We also get to go to a lot of concerts so my life really involves a lot of music. I don’t think I go a day without listening to some.

Jo…. Eh, can we be best friends??


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    I love this piece, honest & insightful. I can relate to the 2 items, what makes you go Bananas. Are you sure this is not YOU Aisling…I don’t pay much attention to instagram, but might have to check out Jo.


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