I spend waaaay too much time on Instagram.

Usually ogling someone else’s expertly created flatlays, and more often than not envying the photography skills of some of the more seasoned IGers. And in case you hadn’t noticed, there are some SERIOUSLY quality Irish women killing the Insta-game, so I figured I’d pick my faves and beg them to chat to me. And in a refreshing and sound turn of events, every single one said yes! My first interviewee? The grey-scale loving Lauren Bejaoui. You might know her best as the owner of the best brows on Instagram, but you’ll see now that she’s so much more than just brow perfection…

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lauren bejaoui instagramLAUREN BEJAOUI

So Lauren… Instagram. Why so much love??

I love the freedom to express myself through personal or inspirational images. Im such a visual person and I love sharing that with my followers. I’ve created my own community on my profile and its amazing. Everything inspires me. I love to post a bit of everything from the human body to buildings and everything in between. I adore the Man Repeller’s (@manrepeller) account! I find Leandra Medine so interesting.

Which posts get the most love from others?

Definitely my outfit posts and anything that involves my body in a revealing but tasteful way.

Lauren’s own four fave Insta posts…

lauren bejaoui fave insta

And the rest…

What makes you happy?
My family and friends. Seeing people be happy and doing well always makes me smile.

Who are your icons?
My mam, Tilda Swinton and Audrey Hepburn for sure. All so timeless and elegant.

What’s your biggest dream?
To be totally and constantly happy in myself and everything I do!

The three words that mean the most to you?
Respect, Family, Love.

What’s the best life advice you’ve ever been given, and what life advice would you love to pass on to Irish women?
To have so much self respect and to never ever lower your standards for anyone.

Tell me something about yourself that you really want people to know?
I’m freakishly small in person even though people expect me to be tall. I have such a petite frame.

What’s your ultimate beauty tip?
For flawless looking foundation be sure to regularly exfoliate and moisturise before applying foundation.

When it comes to your personal style, how would you describe it?
I like clean lines and neutral colours. Adding elements of sexy is important for me as I love items that may swamp my petite frame.

What one thing drives you BANANAS?
Make-up stained clothing still for sale in shops. It makes my stomach turn and Zara is awful for it.

What music do you listen most often?
I’m really open when it comes to music. At this very moment I have LCD Soundsystem on replay. Always reminds me of summer!

More InstaGirl inspiration on Wednesday…


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