Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 21.39.29One of the most annoying things EVER on the internet is when bloggers apologise to their readers for being absent. “I’m sorry guys,” they go (I’m holding my nose while I do this impression, pronouncing ‘guys’ like ‘gooooys’), “I’ve just been swamped, I’ve so many amazing things happening right now… Hope you all still love me because that’s why I got all those amazing things and HO SHEEAT what if you all desert me?!?!?!?!” – Okay, I may have went full ad lib on that last bit.

So no apologies from me! Just a new post.

It’s about a week since I joined (or should I say rejoined) Snapchat. I joined it back in the early days when no one was on it, they didn’t have half the features they have now and it was all a bit… meh.

But lately, it seemed like everyone in my universe was on the thing, and when I suggested to Facebook that I rejoin I got a WARM response, to say the least. So rejoin I did. Here, in no uncertain terms, are…

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Snapchat
(in just over a week)


People do themselves up for it (but also let themselves go)

I know I’ve definitely stuck a bit of a brow or a bit of a lippy on for the sake of a slightly snapchat 1sexier snap (ALLITERATION ALERT) and I definitely I know that most of MY snap action is just pre-leaving the house so I’m at my freshest. But then, you kinda feel like you can let it all go too, I’ve put up snaps with zero make-up, ridiculous looking hair and man voice, and we all know that ain’t sexy. ALSO. There’s a lot of brow competition up in there, be aware – Laura (@cunninghamlaura) and Rosemary (@rosemarymaccabe) I’m lookin’ at you. Brow game strong, lads.


It can feel like quite a nice community (but also feels a bit lonely)

Yeah, so it’s quite nice when you know what everyone’s up to and you happen to be having brunch at the same place and find out via Snapchat (Leanne Woodfull… The Gibson… @leannewoodfull), all that is lovely. And when people privately snap you and say something lovely, that’s grand as well. But then, usually I’m alone when I snap, and nine out of ten snaps go un-responded to… And that’s a bit shit. But mostly, people are LOVELY and say the nicest things. It gets a bit emosh at times. Like when Sue (@itscherrysue) said when she sees me at an event she thinks it’ll be a good one…. I LOVE YOU SUE.


It makes you late for stuff (embarrassingly)

The other day… I got ready to go out… And not a word of a lie, I gave myself a grace period of ten minutes before I would be declared offish late (I hate to be late) so that I could waste a bit of time snapping. MORTO. Scarlet for me granny for havin’ me ma. WHO AM I?


It makes you wish you could ‘like’ and comment on people’s stories

BECAUSE I would like every single one of Ellen from Waxperts’ (@waxpertsellen) snaps about her little boy Cooper, he looks like a little dinky lego man. And same for Pippa O’Connor’s (@pippa.oconnor) ones featuring her little guy Ollie, another cutie pie. I hope they grow up to be best friends.


People are FUNNY

snapchat 2I have had more legit laughs from Snapchat in one week than I have from Twitter in six years. For real. People are funny, and real, and just so brilliant. Please refer to point number 10 for a non-exhaustive list of gas feckers.


It’s fascinating to see into other people’s lives

I sound like a stage eight creep here but wevs. I’m obsessed with seeing into people’s lives. I can’t help myself! I don’t honestly know if people find my account half as interesting? But I love seeing Rosie Connolly’s (@rosieconxxx) super neat desk (neat in the tidy way and in the cute way) I love seeing Suzanne Jackson’s dogs interrupt her snaps, and as MEGA stalkery as this sounds… I feel like I know people I DO NOT KNOW. Anyone else??


I feel a little guilty that my Instagram and Twitter accounts are neglected

Honestly. I feel like I’m cheating on Twitter!! And I posted something to Instagram the other day JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT. Not because it was Instagram-worthy. This is insane. I am also having Le Stress based on the fact that my iPhone has to be charged 59 times a day and I’ve to constantly monitor my data usage (downloading all those mini-vids WELLIES your data ourouvih lads…)


It’s another form of social media for me to feel not good enough for

I joined Twitter, did okay. I joined Instagram, did okay. I joined Snapchat, I’m doing okay. But like… There’s people absolutely killing the game with just the help of one rabbit (YES YOU Holly Shortall! @hollywooddublin) and there’s me… trying but feeling a little like I’m doing it wrong because I don’t have a bajillion followers. Is that how you spell bajillion?


It helps if you have a pet

snapchat 3That reminds me, the rabbit is a big draw for me. And Mark The Cat – to give him his full title – who is Laura Cunningham’s little cutehead. And Bailey the dog! And Katie Kelly’s (@KatieKelk21) bulldogs! And Rosemary’s Coillean – hoping I spelled that right. But anyway, my black labrador Jessie just died recently, she was 16, so she can beam down from doggy heaven, but Sam my collie has featured and he was ALL ABOUT the camera. Little sluh’.


Genuinely, people are funny and brilliant (and here are some I find particularly funny and brilliant)

Yes, people on Snapchat have brought me two years worth of joy in a week and I hope it continues. Here’s who I’m loving most recently, and PLEASE, inform me if I am missing out on any hilarity that I should be getting… SPESH shout-out here to the person who I’ve just ugly cry-laughed…. YES it’s James.

@jameskava is the funniest person in the world. Scaring his poor boyfriend is classic, and everything from his chewing gum giveaway to him walking on his ‘Titanic toes’ made me snort in a vehhhhy unladylike manner.


(please note: funny & brilliant list is NOT exhaustive, there are so many funny brilliant Snapchatters, I just honestly picked the ones whose handles I could remember easily cos my phone died… from too much snapping)


OKAY I’m off to co-ordinate some soft lighting for a few night time snaps. No seriously. OH and I’m @aislingmkeenan – just in case.


Ten Things I’ve Learned In My First Week On Snapchat
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4 thoughts on “Ten Things I’ve Learned In My First Week On Snapchat

  • 4th August 2015 at 11:20 pm

    Great post, I found snapchat really confusing to use but I’ll stop being Victor Meldrew and give it another go!

  • 5th August 2015 at 1:46 am

    Your going to have to teach me how best to use Snapchat when I see you. Good read…

  • 5th August 2015 at 9:12 am

    You are one of the funniest bridies on Snapchat missus! Thanks a mill for including me in your gas list! @Sharonleavy is also one of the funniest bridies I’ve ever not met on Snapchat!

    I agree with so many points in this here post:

    1. I too feel like I know people so much more, some I’ve met a couple of times, some I haven’t
    2. I also have my phone constantly plugged in. Like always. I bring two power bars with me everywhere…
    3. I too feel sorry for Twitter and Instagram who aren’t really getting a look in anymore and need to be given some lurve.
    4. I am a serious Snapchat addict and it’s now the first thing I check in the morning, the last thing I check at night, it is completely addictive and my productivity has gone way downhill since starting to use it!


  • 5th August 2015 at 12:22 pm

    I’m loving following you and all the other lovely ladies (& gent) mentioned above but have no clue how to chat back or screen grab or any of that other stuff….. I feel like my mam and need a young wan to show me how to do it!!! That used to be me, devo 🙁 having said that it doesn’t stop me from checking people’s stories every free minute I get and atein’ myself laughing 😀


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