Unless you’ve been living under some weird WiFi-less rock, you’ll have heard of Suzanne Jackson, or SoSueMe, the name of her blog which she is often referred to by. She’s a blogger turned entrepreneur, who just launched the first of (hopefully!) many beauty products, and I went along to the ‘SoSu’ nail polish launch the other night…

I first met Suzanne on a press trip a couple of years ago and we bonded over Beyoncé and beauty gossip. I didn’t know what to expect from her, she’s got such a massive following and I figured she’d probably be all business and ignore me completely – with my lack of style and my added holiday weight (permanent holiday weight!) I’m not half as glam as her usual crew.

But she was nothing but absolutely lovely, and continues to be that way today. In fact, I felt oddly offended for her when I saw negative comments go up on her social networks – comments so hurtful and pointless she went along deleting and blocking (I think that’s what you’d call trolling, so I don’t blame her, I’d be all OVER the block button!). I feel like I’m a good judge of character and she seemed a genuinely nice, down to earth person.

So back to the SoSu launch…

sosu nailsWhen I arrived at her event, the place was MOBBED. Fans, family and friends gathered to watch her pose for TV cameras and endless selfies, and with each person in turn she took time and paid attention, leaving no one out. Tough job, but she did it! I managed to grab her for a quick chat, and she congratulated me on my new job and introduced me to her lovely mammy, then we took a picture and she was off, working the room again.

The point of this post is, I suppose, to just say how feckin’ brilliant I think it is that an Irish girl with just ambition and a passion for what she does is doing astoundingly well for herself, making her family proud and working bloody hard. Just like Beyoncé, people can say what they want, but she’s successful and any naysayers are probably just jealous. Nail polish is her first step into the SoSu land of products, and I for one hope they fly off the shelves!

suzanne jackson and me


So Sue Her: Suzanne Jackson is killing it!
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